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uPVC Doors

Manufactured and hand-finished in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

We are experts in the design, supply and installation of uPVC Doors and windows in Leeds.

We have a range of competitively priced, high-quality doors available from our factory based in Morley, West Yorkshire, where you can come and see some of our high-quality products at our showroom in Leeds. Select from a range of decorative glazing options and colours. If you would like a brochure or a quick quote feel free to use the form on this page and we will get back to you with a swift response. Whether you’re looking for new or replacement doors, why not take a further look at the range of styles we offer.

Why choose uPVC doors?

Value for money

UPVC doors provide excellent value for money. When you are getting your doors replaced, you want the best quality materials and products for your home. These high quality doors are significantly cheaper than ones made of wood or aluminium; however, they add to the aesthetics and resale value of your home.


The installations can easily last for 10 years or more, depending on how well you maintain them; this makes uPVC doors more resilient and durable than most other materials available on the market. They don’t warp, swell or rust and it adds to the durability factor.

Protection from the weather

uPVC Doors provide excellent weather protection. It is a waterproof material and you don’t have to worry about leaks and dampness. Since it doesn’t get affected by temperature fluctuations, the doors always open and close very smoothly.

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Low maintenance

These UPVC doors are low maintenance features that don’t rot or rust, chip or flake and the only tools you would need to clean them are cloth and a mild surface cleaner.

Effective insulation

Our UPVC doors manufactured in Leeds are highly energy-efficient. Not only do they prevent the cold air from entering your home, but the frames also retain heat and it helps you save a considerable amount of money on your energy bills. In addition, this aspect makes them a more environment-friendly option.

Increased security & safety

The material is extremely strong and resilient and most uPVC door installations can’t be pried open with a crowbar. This adds to the safety and security aspect of your property. Aside from this, they are available in a variety of styles and colours and they also have soundproofing qualities. For any more information about our UPVC doors in Leeds and our other products, call Alpine Doors and Windows on 0113 531 3148 or send us your queries via our online form.

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Composite doors delivered and fitted - from £960

Composite uPVC doors offer the highest security without compromising on the design and look of your door. Composite doors are ideal where a traditional feel is required. Beautifully made they can make a unique statement for your home, our doors have a classical appearance with all the benefits of contemporary PVC-u double glazing. Prices start from just £960 including delivery and fitting!

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