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New Wave | Slide and Swing Bi-folding Door

New Wave Slide and Swing Doors Supplied and installed from 7-10 days!

To appreciate and see the obvious advantages of the New Wave Door, you will need to view the video. Please take a few minutes to do this now, and we are sure you will be impressed by what you see.

You will see that the way the New Wave door functions is clearly different, and given all the hardware is concealed, it has minimal sight lines and aesthetically eye-catching.

There are many other benefits and features of this product that gives the New Wave Door its immense customer appeal. With its innovative design and engineering excellence, it breaks free from the restrictions imposed on homeowners and designers by the conventional patio door and bi-folding doors. It delivers more scope, functionality and freedom to make choices you want about your living space, uninhibited by the operational and spatial limitations of its predecessors.

With a New Wave Door, you will be free to create a divide between your inside and outside world that is almost seamless in appearance and effortless in operation. The combination of engineering excellence and stunning good looks makes the New Wave Door far more desirable, practical and beautiful than any other door system.

The New Wave Door is far more than just a door...

Magnaline™ is the operating system that facilitates the unique functionality of the New Wave Door. Its clever design is what helps the New Wave Door perform outside of the operational parameters and restrictions of the other door systems. As it is concealed within the door panels it does not have the unsightly appearance of conventional hardware used for bi-folding doors.

It is a true innovation and with the other design concepts within the New Wave Door, it makes for the most effective wide-span door system on the market today.

Every door set has a hinged master traffic door, another benefit over some schemes for bifold doors, which means that all of the doors do not have to open, making it more suitable for everyday use. The rest of the door panels, incorporating the Magnaline™ technology, slide towards the master door and then swing into place, neatly stacking parallel to each other. When closed, the doors interlock together creating a solid and secure walling system, which resembles a floor to ceiling glass wall.

The Advantages of the New Wave Door:

  • The outer frame can be supplied in four separate sections and is fully mechanically adjustable for ease of delivery and installation.
  • Fully bottom running – 100% of the door weight is taken by the aluminium bottom track, minimising installation and operational problems.
  • All sliding panels have no weight bearing hinges, therefore no place for individual panels to drop, massively reducing future service calls.
  • Every individual panel can be removed for service work, without the need for removing other door leaves, making small service issues quicker and therefore cheaper to solve.
  • Maximum door height is 2200mm, width on the application.
  • The master door is hinged for everyday use and can be at either end or both.
  • The uPVC is available in Veka 70mm FS and can be supplied with a full aluminium outer frame or an aluminium and uPVC outer frame.
  • Available in polyester powder coated aluminium.

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