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composite or upvc door

Composite or UPVC Doors?

We look at the main differences and advantages of both these door options?

UPCV Doors

UPVC door construction is based on the fitting of a sash frame into a sub-frame which can lead to a rather narrow appearance due to the sub-frame being integral to it’s construction. They are just as resilient as composite doors but perhaps more limited in terms of design. The doors consist almost exclusively of PVC material and this makes them relatively cheap to make.

Composite Doors

Composite doors are made from a number of different materials which are combined together by using high pressure to bond them. One advantage of using these different materials to form a composite door is that each material has it’s own advantages and properties, thus eradicating flaws found in single material doors such as UPVC.
Composite doors are generally much thicker than uPVC doors and are inherently strong and durable as well as being secure and weather resistant.

Value and costs

UPVC doors are a lower cost option but it is worth considering the longevity of composite doors which means the lifetime cost of ownership can be much lower. This is true value for money.
Composite doors are great value for money. Both types of door are easy to clean and need very little maintenance.

Security features

Whilst both door types have excellent security benefits, composite doors feature the highest level of security. The strong structural frame and reinforced plastic combine to make it incredibly difficult for intruders to gain access.


Modern UPVC front doors can have a range of colours and styles but composite doors off a far wider choice of styles, designs, colours and glazing options. If you need a really bespoke door then composite doors are the best place to start with.

The choice is yours

Alpine Window and Door Systems offer a wide range of doors, so whether you are looking for a new front door or any of our popular bi-folding doorsFrench doors or patio-style sliding doors, we can find a product for you. Contact us today for a no obligation quote, we have offers and finance available so you can get the perfect door for your home.

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