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extension or conservatory

Conservatory or Extension?

Considering a uPVC conservatory for your home or a full extension? – Let’s look at the pro’s and cons of each

Expanding your living space is a big investment whichever route you take, but the creation of more space is always a worthwhile undertaking.

Build costs

If you want a very cost effective and quick solution, a conservatory is a great choice. Having a brick built extension will require more work to be carried out and would be generally much more disruptive to the household. With the relevant skills, even more money can be saved if a conservatory is purchased and erected by yourself.
Talk to us about financing a conservatory, zero percent finance available!

Utilising the space

A home extension can take many forms with very little to restrict design other than imagination. This shows an advantage over a conservatory with not only the flexibility of space but also the fact that multiple floors can be created, doubling the footprint of the build. The conservatory option can offer some flexibility and does offer one real advantage – the instant creation of extra light which offers so many benefits.

Getting a return from your investment

There is no doubt that increasing the living space in a home will increase its value. As a rough guide a conservatory might add around 5 – 8% to a house value, whereas a single storey extension could add around 10 – 15%

Efficiency and security

Modern conservatives include the very latest in glass technology and so share the same benefits as a built extension. There are many options when it comes to glass with standard double glazed units being just a starting point. Different types of glass offer different levels of efficiency, making it easier to live in a conservatory for example in extremes of temperature in summer or winter. Security is often a consideration and again modern glass makes it very difficult for someone to break into an extension with modern glazing units.

Planning considerations

Any type of ‘built’ home extension will require planning permission from the local authorities and this can often be enough to dissuade a home owner from going down the build route. It is a major advantage that often conservatories can be erected without full permission. A consultation with an architect or builder will clarify this situation to ensure you do not encounter problems along the way or before you even commit to a project.

Talk to the experts

If you are unsure about which route is best for you, why not pick up the phone and discuss your requirements with Alpine, it could be easier than you ever imagined to improve your home with the addition of new living space, whether traditional brick built or glass based conservatory. Contact us today.

Current offers

Paying out a single lump sum for a conservatory is never easy, that is why we currently offer zero percent finance. Talk to us about arranging a quote or finance today.

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