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key considerations when considering a conservatory

3 key considerations when planning a new conservatory extension


With house prices continually rising, moving to a larger house is becoming less of a viable option.

Many of our customers, however, find that a way around this problem is to create extra space by adding a new conservatory. This is a far cheaper alternative to moving home with the added benefit of remaining in the same area. Lack of space is the main reason most people move rather than looking to change location.
Despite being a lower cost and an easier alternative to moving home, choosing a new conservatory extension requires careful consideration and we have put together 3 key things to consider before making up your mind.

1. Conservatory Style

The style of your current home and your budget will largely dictate your choice of style. Traditional conservatories are generally cheaper, however, a modern conservatory with large expanses of glass can create an eye-catching feature for any home. At Alpine, we have a wide range of UPVC styles to suit almost any budget or taste.

2. Conservatory use

How will you use the new living space? What you choose to use your new conservatory for will be based on various factors. If you are looking to create a large, open plan space that extends your current living space, then you will need to carefully choose the glazing and insulation. You should also consider the building work itself so there is a continuous theme with the original house – rather than looking separate. Of course, the simplest and cheapest option is to have a conservatory that is used just as a Summer room that is closed off in the Winter. In addition, Alpine offers solid tiled conservatory roofs which can add more privacy whichever option you choose.

3. Budget

Whilst a conservatory is far less expensive than moving, it is by no means a small outlay. At Alpine, we understand this and offer a simple 0% finance and Buy Now Pay Later payment plans. You will enjoy your new living space and it’s an investment for the years to come, so it is important to make the right choice – our conservatory finance plans make this possible.

Hopefully, these 3 tips help you in your journey to choosing your new glazed extension. Feel free to get in touch with the Alpine team for any more advice – or if you are located around Leeds, Selby, York or Harrogate, feel free to call into our showroom in Morley.


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