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Stay cool with a window installation by Alpine

How to stay cool this summer

Alpine UPVC windows not only look incredible, but they can help you keep cool during the Summer months.

During the heatwave we have been experiencing throughout the UK over the last few weeks, one thing is for sure, homes fitted with Alpine UPVC glazing will be far more comfortable than those without. So, how does thermal glazing prevent your home from getting too hot?

Fundamentally, the concept behind double glazing is to separate two panels of glass with empty space, helping to reduce heat transfer. Initially, this was just an air gap, but over the years, this division was filled with a vacuum and more recently, argon – an inert gas that almost eliminates heat transfer altogether. In fact, the UPVC frame itself is thermally broken, ensuring that heat cannot transfer from the outside of the frame to the inside – similarly, the cool air inside will not transfer and be lost outside. Now, an option for triple-glazed, argon systems exists which provides an incredibly efficient glazed system – far cooler in the summer and reduced heating bills throughout the winter.

In addition to the glass and frame, another way of keeping cool is to close curtains/blinds with a white or reflective surface which will help prevent the sun’s heat from entering and warming up the room. Alternatively, solid tiled roof replacement roofs for your conservatory can provide a cost-effective way of transforming that old glazed extension that acts more like a greenhouse on a hot day!

For more information on how Alpine can help keep you cool this summer season, get in touch with our sales team today or call into our showroom in Morley, West Yorkshire.

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