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timber effect windows

Timber style windows manufactured from uPVC

A close look at our latest range of timber effect windows

The advantages of uPVC windows are pretty clear to see; better insulating properties and cost effectiveness being 2 obvious ones. There are situations when different materials are preferred, in particular timber for aesthetic reasons and where you may encounter restrictions with planning such as with period properties and listed buildings. Another reason might be that a home owner just prefers the organic, natural look of wood and considers paying a premium for timber.

Alpine now offer a real alternative to timber with our range of timber effect uPVC windows. The Resurgence range is perfect for the home owner who wants the advantages of uPVC but also loves the timber effect which gives a premium feel, so important when adding value to a home or just for the added wow factor.

If you are at the stage of replacing your windows, take a look at what you gain from buying Alpine’s range of timber effect windows:

Aesthetic appeal

Close-up, our ‘timber look’ flush sash windows look so much better than standard uPVC. The appealing wood grain effect adds class to your home’s appearance and the fully foiled glazing mean that even when the window is open you get the timber effect throughout.

Cost implications

Compared to real timber there is virtually no maintenance required which saves money in the long term. Short term gains are apparent as the price at initial purchase are considerably lower although a bit more that standard uPVC.


Our Resurgence range of windows will repel the worst of the British weather and will remain so for their entire life. Features such as co-extruded bubble gaskets and double rebated weather seals help to make them extremely weather-resistant.Timber windows can suffer in strong winds and will deteriorate if not looked after regularly. The majority of home owners will want to avoid expensive repairs so this is a huge advantage of timber.


Our timber effect windows need minimal maintenance, an occasional wipe with soapy water is all they need, making yet more savings. Timber on the other hand requires regular re-painting or specialist treatments to keep in shape.

Insulating properties

Like any uPVC product, thermal efficiency is way ahead of other materials including timber and aluminium. Get the best of both worlds with the attractive timber effect, cleverly manufactured from uPVC for a lifetime of unparalleled thermal efficiency. Our energy efficient glazing options also add to the appeal.


The safety of your loved ones and your homes contents and valuables is paramount and this is another advantage of uPVC timber effect windows, as they are far more difficult to force open than timber windows, especially where timber has not been maintained properly. The Resurgence range is tested and accredited with PAS24 Enhanced Security, Secured by Design and Part Q,

Take a closer look at our full range of Timber effect windows and decide for yourself.

A visit to our showroom is perfect for seeing these windows and our other products up close, call in or make an appointment.

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